iWantGreatCare launches at Royal Orthopaedic

iWantGreatCare announces new partnership with The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

This week iWantGreatCare has launched a new and exciting partnership with one of the largest specialist orthopaedic units in Europe. A successful start saw reviews coming in from the beginning, a trend that will only increase in time thanks to the enthusiasm from the team at Royal Orthopaedic and support from iWantGreatCare.

With the Trust being one of the largest specialist orthopaedic units in Europe, it strives to deliver exceptional patient care to all who are treated there. It is hoped that the specialist team working at the Trust gain valuable insight into their patients’ experience through iWGC and can improve relationships between staff and patient. This award winning team will now be able to point to patient feedback to show that they really do put patient care at the centre of treatment.


Sally Xerri-Brooks, Head of Communications at the Trust has acknowledged the effect iWGC could have on the Trust:

“Just afew days into our new partnership with iWantGreatCare we are already receiving some really great and meaningful patient feedback which will help us inform service development. Something I know all our clinical staff are looking forward to is the enhanced analytics the system will give us, and the ability to spot trends and provide quick solutions to problems where they are identified.”

“I’m thrilled that those who are treated by Royal Orthopaedic will now have a simple, transparent and real-time way to give feedback on the care they receive, and that the team will be able to access and respond to it. Hearing both patient’s thanks and suggestions on how to improve the service is something that can foster a continuing relationship of trust between staff and patients.” - Neil Bacon, Founder & CEO, iWantGreatCare