iWGC Top Tips

Generating Patient Feedback 

Generally speaking, the rule is - the more the better. The more reviews you gather, and the more frequently they are given, the more accurate and representative your feedback will be.

 Below is a list of the most commonly used methods to stimulate feedback

1. In Person

Using your iWantGreatCare business cards, ask your patients at the end of the consultation or care you give to review you.  It’s important that you ask each and every patient in order not to bias the sample.

You can explain that
  • you are keen to understand what your patients really think, and that using iWantGreatCare is a simple way to leave feedback confidentially on a secure site where there are over 4 million reviews.
  • you could also mention that patient feedback helps drive up standards of care across the NHS and that patients are increasingly using reviews to make decisions about their care - so every review helps other people
  • your patient simply follows your personal short link or visits iwantgreatcare.org and searches for your name. Leaving a review takes less than 2 minutes.

2. By email or text

Texting or emailing your patients the short link or URL to your profile page through your appointment system is also an effective way to generate reviews. This can be very successful if the text or email is sent regularly to all patients who have recently had an appointment or consultation.

3. Add to your clinic or surgery stationary

Whether it’s appointment cards, on your compliment slips or your clinic letters, include a short sentence to encourage patients to leave feedback.

4. Online and social media

Spread the word - place a link on your organisation’s website, use Twitter and Facebook to let your patients know they can leave feedback for you at any time.

What to expect from your feedback

87% of patients surveyed by iWantGreatCare said they liked being able to review their care and 80% left a review because they had a great experience and wanted to let the clinician know. So the vast majority of feedback is positive and can help reinforce the way you give care.

Clinicians tell us that around 1 in 5 patients they ask will leave a review - so ask as many as possible to maximise the feedback you receive.