Scanners in Trusts

Scanning made easy at Ashord & St Peter's Trust 

iWantGreatCare is delighed to announce the introduction of a new scanner in Ashford and St Peter's NHS Trust. iWGC is providing the scanner, along with technical and operational support to the Trust in order to improve the Trust's ability to collect and review patient feedback.  

The scanner will be based at the Trust and will allow the staff to scan the completed iWGC paper forms they collect so that they can be uploaded to the iWGC system to be transcribed and moderated. This allows staff to fit scanning into their busy schedules.

As part of “Scanners in Trusts”, the Trust won’t have to spend resource on packing or couriering patient feedback forms. The scanner will cut costs and carbon emissions, as well as improving the system overall.

It will now be quicker and easier to scan questionnaires, which will result in the feedback being more regularly scanned and the system more regularly updated. It should also result in more real-time responses and improve the ability to review and analyse continuous feedback on the care provided. This will allow the Trust to maximise the benefits and minimise the costs of gathering and processing patient feedback.

"I am sure that the introduction of this scanner will result in more real-time responses and improve our ability to offer continuous feedback on the care we provide. This really is a great introduction and I'm grateful to iWantGreatCare for giving us the time and support to ensure we can provide the best quality of care to all our patients".
- Dr Sundara Raju Choudary Mallavarapu
Patient Experience and Involvment Officer
Ashford & St Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust