Frequently asked questions and resources


  • Can I use other patient experience services at the same time as iWantGreatCare?

    There is nothing to stop you doing this although it is far easier for patients if there is only one service to use and far easier for your to analyse results and compare different wards with one consistent source of data. iWantGreatCare’s solutions can be integrated into existing hardware (e.g. trackpads, kiosks, iPads, which can be done as part of the set-up process.

  • Is there a limit to the amount of patient feedback you will process?

    No. All solutions allow feedback to be continuously captured for all patients using the service, whenever, wherever. iWantGreatCare will process all online and offline feedback received each month, irrespective of volume.

  • How much additional workload will be generated for my staff?

    In order to activate your solution, iWantGreatCare only needs two key pieces of information from your Trust: a named point of contact, and a list of hospitals and wards.

    Throughout the service, your Trust will be responsible for publicising the solution, handing out offline forms and sending them back to iWantGreatCare for processing. iWantGreatCare provides detailed guidance on how to carry out these activities – making it simple for Trust, and minimising the time required to carry them out.

    iWantGreatCare will do the rest.

  • Will patients be able to give feedback while they are still in the hospital?

    Yes. Patients can be handed offline forms while in the hospital, to be completed on the day of discharge. Alternatively, patients can go online via a kiosk, a mobile phone or any device connected to the Internet and provide feedback through your iWantGreatCare webpage.

  • A lot of my patients don’t use the Internet so how will they give feedback?

    iWantGreatCare specialises in paper-based feedback forms as well as online methods. All forms are collected and processed so that feedback can be analysed in the same way as data collected by online methods.

  • How will the offline forms be produced?

    iWantGreatCare will provide Trusts with a customised pdf of the survey card to be printed by the Trust and handed to patients.

  • How will the offline forms be given to patients?

    iWantGreatCare provides detailed guidance and recommendations about how to distribute to and collect forms from patients, based on its extensive experience. iWantGreatCare’s aim at all times is to make requesting and providing feedback as simple as possible for both patients and staff.

  • How will the forms be gathered by a Trust?

    iWantGreatCare recommends that each week, a named point of contact gathers forms and sends them back to iWantGreatCare for processing.

  • How often will we receive reports?

    Trusts will receive a report on the same day each month. Each report will include a summary of feedback volume from the previous month by age and sex, a summary of feedback by ward, and comparative analyses between wards and within wards over time.

  • Will you guarantee enough feedback to make this representative?

    iWantGreatCare’s multi-channel data collection makes it easy for the Trust to request continuous feedback and for patients to submit feedback. Response rates using iWantGreatCare can vary depending on the level of publicity the programme is given within the Trust and the clinical engagement of Trust staff but all projects to date have successfully met or exceeded the required levels of representative feedback. iWantGreatCare also collects basic demographic data from all patients, which is included in the monthly report.

  • How do I access and manage my information?

    You will be provided with a Web interface which will give you access to all your information. Through this interface you will be able to ensure your list of wards is accurate, download reports and raw data and respond to reviews. You can also have the data automatically emailed to you on a monthly basis.

  • How do you ensure data quality?

    iWantGreatCare has years of experience in managing and monitoring the quality of the data it receives. A sophisticated multi-level system is used to automatically evaluate the data. This mitigates the risk of bad data and helps identify the risk of campaigning or malicious reviews.

    This automated system is backed up by people: a data management team monitors the flow of reviews and ensures the proper functioning of the data quality systems.

  • What do you do to ensure that our Trust’s data is stored securely?

    All data is held in iWantGreatCare’s master database, which is accessible only to authenticated members of iWantGreatCare staff. All access is monitored and password protected. In addition all connections to the database are end-to-end encrypted ensuring that no data can be intercepted whilst ‘in-transit’. All connections to the iWantGreatCare website are similarly protected by industry standard SSL encryption, and all access to administrative functions by iWantGreatCare staff are granted on an individual basis and protected by multi-factor authentication.

  • Who owns the data collected?

    iWantGreatCare does not own the data collected or the feedback and scores submitted by patients. iWantGreatCare gives Trusts ownership of all reports created for clients.

  • Does iWantGreatCare have data protection registration?

    iWantGreatCare has had full registration with the Information Commissioner since 2008, registration number Z1387794, and processes and systems are in place to ensure full compliance. Data security and protection are of highest importance in all we do.

  • Do you use the data and if so for what purposes?

    iWantGreatCare uses data to meet contractual needs of clients, e.g. produce your reports, ensure you meet all needs of the Friends and Family Test. It is also used – fully anonymised and in accordance with the data protection act – to gives Trusts feedback on their comparative performance compared to national standards. Data is never passed to any third parties.

  • Can you guarantee confidentiality of patients who use the service?

    iWantGreatCare only collects a very limited amount of data about users of the service. There is no way of identifying patients who submit offline forms. For online users, the only personally identifiable information iWantGreatCare collects is a user’s email address and IP address, which is part of the moderation process and is necessary to validate reviews. This information is only collected when a user adds a review, or chooses to sign up for an iWantGreatCare account. Any personally identifiable information is kept securely in our database (see Q14), and is made available to only a small number of iWantGreatCare staff. Any personally identifiable information will only be shared with others outside of iWantGreatCare with the express permission of the individual themselves.

  • How do I take up the iWantGreatCare service?

    Simply contact and a member of the team will contact you to discuss your needs.

“iWantGreatCare has not only been the simplest system to implement, but has given the Trust valuable insight that will make a real difference in supporting clinical staff to deliver an excellent experience to all patients. The responsiveness of the iWantGreatCare team is particularly valuable.”

Kathryn Halford, Associate Director of Nursing,
Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust

“Capturing the patient experience in real time then having the courage to publish and act upon what our users want is the only meaningful way to build trust in the services our staff provide to the patients and public of Leeds.”

Karl Milner, Director of External Affairs and Communication,
Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust