iWantGreatCare provides simple solutions to collect and report continuous real-time patient feedback.

Free, online solution launched for nurses to collect patient feedback.
Build a career-long record of patient comments which
can be used for revalidation.


"Pimlico Health have used iWantGreatCare since the FFT was introduced. We have 155 reviews and a rating of 4.5 in comparison to 35 reviews and a rating of 3 on NHS Choices, which was the rating of historical practices when I merged them a year ago. We always promote iWantGreatCare because it's the most up-to-date and accurate picture of our practice. It's easy to reply and easy to extract data for NHSE submissions."

Joanna Fox, Business Manager, GP Practice.

Latest news

09 Aug iWantGreatCare Symposium explores the linkages between real-time feedback, staff morale and excellence

On 21st June 2016, iWGC's 7th Symposium brought together Chief Executives, Nursing and Medical Directors, and Patient Experience experts to hear from… read more

03 Aug Ahead of its time: NHS Cumbria CCG uses continuous patient feedback to drive improvement across care settings

    The vanguard programme presents an exciting vision of the future. NHS England has made clear that the key to realising this future is… read more

26 Jul iWGC launches services with Isle of Wight NHS Trust

In July, iWGC started to collect real-time and continuous feedback about patients’ and carers’ experiences of services provided by Isle of Wight… read more

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