About iWantGreatCare

iWantGreatCare is a healthcare company giving providers the most innovative, comprehensive and effective way to deliver excellent patient experience and ensuring continuous monitoring of safety and quality across all care settings.

Founded in 2008 by Dr Neil Bacon, an Oxford and Harvard trained NHS nephrologist, iWantGreatCare harnesses detailed patient experience in a way that transforms the quality and outcomes of healthcare.

Continuous, real-time collection, monitoring and analysis of quantitative and qualitative patient feedback builds staff morale, enhances public trust, and acts as an early warning system across healthcare systems: the "smoke-detector of patient safety".

As well as providing a revalidation solution for individual healthcare professionals, iWantGreatCare delivers a comprehensive range of patient experience solutions direct to NHS hospitals, primary care and community providers as well as independent healthcare providers in the UK and internationally.

Most importantly, iWantGreatCare is a healthcare company - which don't just measure patient experience, but make it simple for partners to continuously improve the experience of each and every person they care for.

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Meet the team behind iWantGreatCare

The highly-experienced iWantGreatCare team ensure delivery of a quality service focused on the needs of patients and customers alike.

Senior management team

Dr Neil Bacon

Dr Neil Bacon

Founder and CEO

Neil trained as a nephrologist at Oxford and Harvard before founding Doctors.net.uk - the world's largest online professional network of doctors. As well as leading iWantGreatCare, he is an advisor on ehealth and transparency to government and the EU.

"Fully understanding the experience of those receiving care is absolutely central to improving quality and ensuring excellence. The passion and vision of iWantGreatCare is to completely transform healthcare by using modern, innovative approaches to ensure that the voice of every patient is heard and is then shared in a fully open and transparent way."

Sir Muir Gray

Sir Muir Gray


Muir’s many roles have included Director of UK National Screening Committee, National Library for Health, Director of Clinical Knowledge Process for the NHS National Programme for IT, and Chief Knowledge Officer to the NHS.

"For many years, it has been clear that healthcare services are not going to improve if we continue to do more of the same. iWantGreatCare is at the forefront of a paradigm shift towards a new culture in healthcare where transparency, patient engagement and accountability combine."

“Making health information available and accessible to patients online has been central to much of my work and I am pleased that we finally have an online service that allows patients to actively participate in knowledge-sharing about healthcare services and their own quality of care.”