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Broad Street GP Surgery

Dr Hergeven Dosanjh, Broad Street Surgery, is an early adopter of the iWantGreatCare GP Surgery Friends and Family Test (FFT) Solution. The Broad Street team consists of three GP Partners, a Trainee Doctor, a Practice Nurse and a team of four administration staff. They have a patient base of 3,600 patients. 

The iWantGreatCare GP Surgery FFT Solution is a unique, simple, self-managed tool for GP Practices to collect continuous, real-time feedback enabling every patient to leave feedback about their surgery and their GP.

Dr Dosanjh answered questions about implementing iWantGreatCare and what it's done for their practice:

How likely are you to recommend iWantGreatCare to your friends and family? 

Extremely Likely

What has worked well?

The ease of use, distinctive cards and the simplicity of the website and questions, in addition the materials given to us to aid the process, posters, cards, guides. 

Has your surgery faced any challenges implementing the Friends and Family Test? 

Patients often walked out with a card and then forgot to provide feedback. 

How has patient experience been used to improve care? 

We have been able to inform patients of our triage clinics and also taken advice from patients about having a board with the faces of all the staff, nurses and doctors - currently trying to get this onto our plasma screens. 

What effect has collecting patient experience had on staff? 

Staff seem quite positive with the process and enjoy the feedback, as the vast majority of feedback confirms what a good job they are doing. 

What are your top tips for collecting patient feedback? 

Set aside a room with a terminal, where patients can complete the online feedback form, this has increased the number of patients feeding back. 

How have you found using your online, iWantGreatCare account? 

Very easy to use, sign in daily and monitor the responses.

Finally, what are your thoughts on the Friends and Family Test becoming mandatory for primary care as of December 2014?

I'm a great believer in feedback in all walks of life, I try to listen and if possible respond and change what we do for the better. It's also nice to see positive comments. Patients give true feedback rather than the one sold to us via the media. 

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Diaverum is one of the world’s largest independent renal care providers, providing dialysis, transplant and preventative renal care services across 18 countries. Its mission has always been that “our patients can experience a warm and homely atmosphere when visiting our clinics”.

Diaverum had previously surveyed its patient base once a year using internal resources, with the results taking several months to assimilate.

In order to build on its knowledge of patient experience, Diaverum engaged iWantGreatCare to survey its clinics in Spain and the UK three times over the course of a year.

iWantGreatCare devised a straightforward survey and collected 7,255 reviews over the three survey cycles. Each stage of the pilot was reviewed and the questionnaire modified to maximise patient responses, which consequently averaged 62% in the UK and 78.5% in Spain. Detailed reports were created within three weeks, showing both the qualitative and quantitative results in highly visual form, together with trend and comparison data.

Following the success of the pilot, iWantGreatCare is now surveying for Diaverum over 22,000 patients across eighteen countries every four months, using both card and handheld devices.

“Reading patient feedback has ensured Diaverum has a better understanding of the priorities and concerns of our patients. It is incredibly motivating for staff at all levels to read the words of patients praising their hard work; equally, criticism is a powerful incentive to improve areas of weakness. Diaverum wants to provide the best renal care possible and patient feedback is allowing us to do so.”

Stefan Ericsson, Vice President Strategic Office and Business Processes


Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

There is a perception that asking for patients’ opinions within a mental health environment is difficult and challenging and the feedback could compromise patient confidentiality. In the time the Trust has been using iWantGreatCare there has been no evidence that this is the case and no inappropriate feedback has been published due to the security checks employed by the iWantGreatCare system.

At a recent senior staff forum on quality – senior staff were asked ‘what would help you improve the quality of patient experience?’ A decision was made to implement iWantGreatCare as the solution to this. It is important to provide and review their care in real-time; not only to improve patient care but also to respond to safety concerns.

iWantGreatCare has now been included in the Trust Quality Framework under ‘Caring’ and ‘Effective’, but it encompasses all of the CQC domains, safe, effective, well-led, responsive and caring. It provided important patient feedback data during our recent CQC inspection, we were able to share seven and a half thousand individual patient feedback responses as part of our data-pack for the CQC inspectors.

The Trust uses the data to provide assurance to commissioners about services that the Trust delivers and can be a useful lever to engage in CQUIN discussions about improving patient quality. It also feeds into Trust pathway redesign giving the patient voice to the clinical pathway. The Trust uses iWantGreatCare feedback as part of our submission for tenders both in and out of county, in this respect is an important aspect of assurance and business planning.

"I was expecting a lot of resistance to this project even though senior managers had asked for it. I thought staff at the front-line might be threatened by the feedback and choose not to engage. Our experience was quite the opposite, the staff have been completely engaged at all levels and have pushed for an accelerated deployment. They are very proud of the feedback they are getting and display the summary data in their areas for patients, carers and staff to see." 

Alex O'Neill-Kerr, Medical Director

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

First Community Health and Care

At First Community Health and Care our vision is to be recognised, respected and trusted by patients, carers, staff and professionals as the best provider and innovator of integrated community services.

To help us achieve our vision we wanted to 'walk in the shoes' of our patients and carers and felt that capturing and understanding patient feedback was integral to understanding what we were doing well and what could be improved. When the national Friends and Family Test was implemented in Acute settings, the regional area team mandated MiUs and community hospitals to implement the FFT. First Community saw an opportunity to shape something unique that would work across all our community services.

First Community Health and Care implemented an iWantGreatCare solution in 2013, eighteen months ahead of the NHS England mandate requiring community and mental health services to conduct the Friends and Family Test. We combined the mandated FFT with additional core questions and a qualitative feedback section to understand both the quantative and qualitative elements of care delivery. Patients and carers are invited to anonymously feedback their experience of First Community services via a paper form or via a weblink.

Our staff have fully embraced the solution, immediately recognising that the feedback gives them unique insight into the services they provide:

"Our Friends and Family Test scores and feedback helped us have great evidence for our CQC Inspection in May."

Lisa Wood, Business Partner

Minor Injuries Unit

Service improvements made as a direct result of the feedback have included:
  • Reduction in waiting times - in one clinic, the waiting times have been reduced from 18 weeks to 6 weeks in a 6 month period
  • A new menu being introduced at Caterham Dene Hospital
  • Investment in new call bell system
First Community Health and Care believe that there is a strong correlation between good patient experience, staff engagement and ultimately good patient outcomes. By ensuring all patients are able to share their stories with us, we continously improve and develop as a healthcare provider.

"The entire company has embraced working with iWantGreatCare to embed a community solution across our services. This has become the most powerful lever for everyone to work towards continuous improvements in direct response to patient experience."

Liz Mouland, Chief Nurse

First Community Health and Care

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust is an acute provider operating two main hospital sites. Employing around 8,000 staff and treating over 1 million patients a year.

In 2012 the Prime Minister announced the introduction of the Friends and Family Test (FFT) to ensure all patients had an opportunity to give feedback. Prior to the FFT initiative, HEY lacked a truly co-ordinated culture of patient engagement or processes that would facilitate continuous collection of patient feedback. Trust reputation and performace was under scrutiny, with public perception and staff morale at low levels. 

The Trust needed to implement a manageable and effective approach to enable continuous capture of large volumes of quantitative and qualitative patient feedback. The ultimate measure of success would be to demonstrate service improvement, using feedback to transform patient experience and outcomes. 

The Trust took the decision to fully embrace gathering patient experience in partnership with iWantGreatCare. A complete solution was rolled out across the Trust, which enables reviews by paper forms and digital methods, with benchmark reporting enabling rapid analysis and decision making.

As a result, over 130,000 patients have been listened to. The Trust's success is particularly impressive, for the depth and richness of comments from patients. Technology has been critical in enabling the Trust to truly hear the voice of patients. Simple, graphical reports for public display and advanced analytical dashboards enable the Trust to identify any key trends within free text comments. 

Critically, the dashboards are used to great motivational effect for staff - highlighting and rewarding excellence. The effect of service improvements can be tangibly measured, through patient scores and comments.

The future promises further development and evolution of collection, analysis methods and presentation. Fully rolling out the paediatric mobile app is a priority, to ensure accessibility and a voice for even the youngest patient. 

"Hull and East Yorkshire started their Friends and Family journey in 2012, and saw an opportunity to build a better service for the future by actively seeking and listening to patient opinion. Implementing the iWantGreatCare system has been a huge success for the Trust, and the feedback is used to make measurable improvements to the front-line, with all wards displaying their feedback and you-said, we-dids."

Rachael Pearce, Senior Patient Experience Officer

Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay

In 2013, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay (UHMB) identified that their existing systems of monitoring the experience of children, young people and their parents/carers was inadequate and out-dated.

It was clear that in order to effectively engage children and young people the approach had to be simple, visually engaging, and to be delivered by the digital platforms by which they were already familiar.

A multichannel approach was taken, collecting feedback from children and young people on tablets or from paper forms (maximising inclusivity). All offline feedback is digitised and data integrated. The combined approach ensures:

•Real-time feedback, automatically analysed and reported
•Flexibility to adapt depending on the reviewer type, e.g. age of child
•Option for young children to draw a picture describing their care
•High response rates

After 12 months over 4,600 children and families provided feedback on their care, no written feedback was collected in 2013, and less than 150 patients gave feedback in 2012. Combination of standard, comparative metrics with detailed, rich free-text gave UHMB unprecedented understanding of areas for improvement, leading to a number of service changes in just 12 months.

Using digital technology to provide a patient experience solution for feedback from children and young people has enabled fast and effective reporting, delivering multiple service improvements, and improving staff morale. 

"Working with iWantGreatCare has helped UHMB achieve unprecedented volumes of feedback from children, young people and their parents. The combination of standard, comparative metrics with detailed rich free-text gave UHMB a greater understanding of areas for improvement and has allowed staff to implement a number of service changes."

Kerry Little, Patient Experience Lead for Children and Young People

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust